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Fee Waiver Scheme

Fee Waiver Scheme:
To provide access to the poor students of the State and to help them achieve the benefits of Higher Education, Govt. of Assam has introduced a novel scheme of getting admission through tuition fee waiver during the academic session 2016-17. The Scheme has been modified for the next academic session (2017-18) to encourage more students to pursue higher studies in the future and reduce dropout rates after higher secondary.

Govt. Order of the Scheme: :

Memo No. AHE. 489/2013/Pt./174 Dated Dispur, the 23rd May, 2017
Scheme for Waiver of Admission Fee for Students taking Admission in H.S. First Year, Degree First Year and M.A./ M.Sc./M.Com. Previous/ 1st Semester Year 2017-18.


      Hon’ble Finance Minister, Assam while presenting the Annual Budget for the Financial Year 2017-18 in the august Assam Assembly announced (at para 108.2) that we have already implemented the decision to waive fees including admission and tuition fees for the 1st Year College Students belonging to economically backward families whose parent’s annual income is less than Rs. 1.00 Lakh. The Government reimbursed such fees to the tune of Rs. 43 Crores to the Colleges during the year 2016-17 benefitting 1,38,085 College students. This shall encourage more students to pursue higher studies in the future and reduce dropout rates after higher secondary. This year, this scheme will be extended for the poor students taking admission in the previous year of M.A., M.Sc., M.Com. He proposed to allocate Rs. 50 Crores in the budget to continue this important initiative.

1.  Aim:

    The aim of the scheme is to provide access to the poor students of the State and to help them achieve the benefits of Higher Education.
2.  Scope and Applicability:

    The Scheme will be applicable to the students seeking admission into 1st Year H.S./ B.A/ B.Sc./ B.Com. and Previous Year/1st Semester of M.A./M.Sc./M. Com. students taking admission in any self-financing course are not eligible under this scheme. In case of H.S. and B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. course, those students whose fees were waived last year will also be eligible to avail the scheme for the second year admission. For M.A. /M.Sc./ M.Com. , the benefit of the scheme is applicable for Previous Year/1st Semester admission only (for the current academic year) and the scheme will not cover those who are being admitted into second year of M.A. /M.Sc. /M.Com this session.
3.  Institutes incorporated under the scheme:

     1. All Provincialized and Govt. Colleges

     2. Gauhati University, Guwahati

     3. Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh

     4. Bodoland University, Kokrajhar

     5. Cotton State University, Guwahati

     6. Kumar Bhaskar Varma Sanskrit & Ancient Studies University, Nalbari

     7. Women’s University, Jorhat.

   This scheme will not cover Private Colleges, Private Universities and Central Universities situated in Assam. The Scheme will be applicable to students pursuing higher education in Colleges and Universities of Assam in the categories stated above.

4.  Applicability:

     Category of students eligible under the Scheme:

     1. Students whose parental annual income is less than Rs. 1.00 Lakh from all sources will be eligible to avail this scheme;

    2. If either of the parent (mother or father) of the student is working in the State Govt. / Central Govt. / Semi Govt. / State or Central Govt. Undertakings, such students shall not be eligible under this scheme.

5.  Proof of Income /Documents required:

     i.  An Income Certificate from the Local Revenue Circle Officer/Mauzadar.

   ii. A declaration from the students that neither of the parent (father or mother) of the student is an employee of State / Central Govt. Department or its undertaking. Such form shall be devised by the concerned Registrars / Principals. If such a declaration is found to be false, the admission shall be cancelled and fee shall be realized from such students.

6.  Powers of Admission Committees:

     The Admission Committees of the concerned Colleges and Universities shall have the power to enquire into the income of the family in case of doubt in regard to students and if the committee is of the view that the income of the parent exceeds Rs. 1.00 Lakh, the Committee may recommend cancellation of admission notwithstanding documents submitted by the student. Such enquiry may commence Suo moto by the institute or on a complaint received against any student availing benefit under this scheme. The Category of Institutes coming under the purview of the Scheme shall constitute such committees comprising of Senior Teachers..

7.  Fee to be waived under the Scheme during 1st Year and 2nd Year Admissions:

Year Category of Admission Nature of Fees to be Waived
1st Year/New
Higher Secondary 1st Year,
B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. 1st Year
Session Starting from 1st July 2017
All Fees that a College or University realizes from Students in Normal Course rate not to exceed than the fee realized Last year, 2016-17 Session.
2nd Year For those admitted with
no fee during the session
Colleges will realise only on Magazine fees, Games & Sports fees and College Week fees. All other fee will be exempted in the Second Year.
This benefit will accrue to those students who have been admitted under this scheme last year i.e. 2016-17 session.
M.A. / MSc. / M.Com 1st year Admission in the
session 2017-18
All fees realised by Universities against admission in the 1st (Previous/Semester) Year duing admission. For students studying in 3rd Semester, (second year) this scheme will not be applicable.

8.  Duties and Responsibilities of Students availing the Scheme:

     Students seeking admission into 1st year will plant a sapling at his/her College or at his/her home and shall give photograph of the same to the college. The Student has to nurse the sapling and while seeking admission into second year shall give photograph of the same tree that was planted during previous year. A Scrutiny Committee shall be constituted comprising teachers from Biology background who shall examine the photographs and will assess the genuineness of the Photographs and growth of the plant. If the College docs not have science stream, teachers from nearby colleges will be deputed for such purpose by the Director of Higher Education. Only on receipt of recommendation from the Committee, the student can avail 2nd year fee waiver. This will be effective from the session 2018 (applicable to those who benefitted under the scheme during 2017 session). Students availing the Second-year fee waiver benefit during the Current Year will also plant a tree and will nourish it and submit photograph of the same while availing fee waiver benefit subsequently.
9.  Responsibility of Colleges and Universities:

   All Colleges and Universities will be required to upload the names of students admitted availing fee waiver benefit. This should be done rom the Academic Year 2016-17. (Last Year)
10.  Marking at the reverse of Mark Sheet of candidate given free admission:

     •  The Colleges giving free admission under this scheme shall give one endorsement at the reverse of relevant mark sheet of the student so that the student does not seek free admission in multiple colleges.

     •  The Colleges and Universities will devise Rubber Sea! and use the seal at the reverse of mark sheets of the beneficiary students.

    •  The Colleges and Universities after the admissions are over will submit the demand towards the amount of fee waived to the poor students to the Director of Higher Education in such format as may be prescribed within 45 days.

     •  The Director shall submit proposal for sanction to the Govt, on the basis of the proposal submitted by the Colleges and Universities after due verification within 30 days.

     The Colleges and Universities will send the requirement for reimbursement of fund in prescribed proforma together with names of students availing the benefit under the scheme within 45 days of admissions so that the Director can move Govt, for release of fund to institutes.
( Ajay Tewari, IAS )
Principal Secretary to the Govt. of Assam
Higher Education Department.

Memo No. AHE. 489/2013/Pt./174 Dated Dispur, the 23rd May, 2017

Copy forwarded for information and necessary action to :-
1. The PS to the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Assam for kind appraisal of Hon’ble CM.
2. The PS to the Hon’ble Minister, Education, Assam for information.
3. P.S. to the Principal Secretary to the Govt, of Assam, Finance Department for kind
information of the Principal Secretary.

4. The Director of Higher Education, Assam for necessary action: He will communicate
the order to all the Principals through posting it in his website.

5. The Director of Information & Public Relations Assam for wide publicity.
6. Guard File.
    By order etc.,
Joint Secretary to the Govt. of Assam
Higher Education Department.

Students are advised to check the contents with the original copy of the order
Names of students admitted availing fee waiver benefit (Academic Session: 2016-17):

Total number of students admitted under the Scheme = 647.

Click here to download the list as pdf. [2.6 GB]