Welcome to Cachar College Central Library…..


About the Central Library:

Cachar College Central Library is a treasure house of knowledge and information dissemination which was established along-with the establishment of the parent organization, Cachar College in 1960 in order to meet the academic and research needs of the Students and the Teachers. It has been serving its members for 61 years. Over the years, the library has built up a rich collection on all branches of Science, Arts, Commerce with over 27000 books and other documents and has grown in strength in providing services to its user community. The reference books of various kinds have definitely improved the quality of the library. National and regional newspapers, peer reviewed journals & a good number of periodicals/magazines are available for the use of the students along with a spacious and relaxing reading room. It is a hybrid library accommodating both print and e-resources. The library has connected with INFLIBNET’s N-LIST Consortium (National Library and Information Services infrastructure for Scholarly Content) supported by the DoNER Ministry of the Govt. of India. It also supports for accessing huge number of open access e-resources


The library provides a conducive environment to the end users with a separate building covering 3351 Sq.Ft. and centrally located with easy access. In this information age, it acts as a knowledge management centre where recorded knowledge is collected, classified, organized, disseminated and preserved systematically. The Library operations are automated with the help of SOUL 2.0 software. OPAC (On-line Public Access Catalogue) facility is made available which enables library users to search the book database. The library has an exclusive E- library section housed in the first floor of the building, allowing its users to access high quality e-resources of the library. The library is rich in terms of hardware infrastructure Xerox cum scanner machine, printer, computers, CCTV such other modern amenities.


The primary goal of the library is to provide access to information in all formats in order to support the teaching, learning, research and personal growth of its users. Its success lies on its use by the academic community of Cachar College. Library is an inseparable part of the institution. It aims at developing as a state-of-the-art academic library to encourage the users for pursuing their research towards the need of society today. There is perhaps no limit to the standard of a well-managed library and hence we are still trying to improve and modernize the library by providing various services and trying to expand the wings of the services to attract more readers.